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Please send all records requests to

Records Department Phone: 856-783-2271

Please note that details within a Police Report will not be disclosed over the phone.  We WILL NOT release any documentation related to a domestic violence report (unless cleared by the Prosecutor). Fulfillment of your records request depends on where the case is being heard.  If your case is being heard in Camden Superior or Family Courts, the custodian of records is the Camden County Prosecutor's Office.  In this case, send your request to:

If your request involves a case being heard in Clementon Municipal Court, or is a case not involving a court matter, send your request to:   You can also complete a request in person at the window, or print / email one of the two request forms listed on this page.  If you are involved in the incident, you are encouraged to utilize the Records Request Form.  Use of OPRA forms will subject the release to OPRA / FOIA laws.


For motor vehicle accidents, reports may take several days to be ready for release.  You can use the link below to access motor vehicle accident records online:


Requests for BWC or other media should be directed to as part of your records request.  Fulfilment of media file requests are done via email only, we do not burn videos to disks or supply USB drives.  BWC videos are retained according to the directives established by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General.  BWC details and specific retention periods can be found in the BWC policy accessible from the home page.

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