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The Clementon Police Department utilizes body worn cameras (BWC) for its Officers.  Clementon Police Department has recently upgraded to the “Axon Body 4” body worn camera for its Officers. Specifically, we would like to thank the Clementon Borough Council for all their support and funding for this project.


The Clementon Police Department prides itself on our method of public service through dedication, integrity and transparency. We believe that the use of these cameras will significantly benefit both the community and our officers.


Documenting the actual incident from the Officers point of view will greatly assist an Officers ability to document interactions better rather than relying solely on memory recall.  This improves the initiation of documentation, preparation for court, and accuracy throughout the criminal justice process.  They can also assist Prosecutors and other counsel involved in cases where BWC footage has captured important information about an incident.



Body Worn Cameras assist both the Officer and the public by providing transparency during Internal Affairs investigations, or when professional standards are in question.  While this technology is certainly a powerful tool, no technology is perfect for all situations.  Cameras should not be the sole source for detailed recollection, or the only piece of evidence considered in any situation, as they still only show a single perspective.  Rather this technology should be considered one arm in a body of evidence that shape the entire picture of what happened.


Officers do not control the disposition of video collected using their BWC’s and cannot delete recordings in any event.  Videos are sent to a secure database where Supervisors can review incidents that any Officer was involved in.  This is critical in our effort of providing transparency and ensures that all Officers are held to the same standard.  The Clementon Police Department adheres to the New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines for use of Body Worn Cameras.  Directives can change or be updated periodically so for the most current information on BWC use please refer to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office website.


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